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Sights, sounds and struggles

July was a busy and interesting month, full of highs but with some lows.
The weather continued on its colder-than-usual trend, and this reflected as always in the happenings of our wildlife.Just “oot’n’aboot” generally, it was noticeable that there was a distinct lack of bees and wasps…though flies tended to appear (especially around my head whilst out walking!).Every now and then I’d get fed up looking like Pig Pen from ‘Charlie Brown’, raise a hand above my head and let them circle that for a while, which is fine until my darling wife points out how stupid I look.
‘Our’ Ospreys
Anyway, back to the birds.Our two closest Osprey pairs, which breed exactly a mile apart, are unfortunately poles apart in fortune.At our closest nest, the established pair has two well fed chicks who have been flying a good couple of weeks now.From the distance we view the family, when sat up on the nest all four birds are quite indistinguishable now in terms of size – only the golden edges of the otherwise bro…