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Sun, snow and Spring

Well it's been a hectic few weeks since my last blog, and for those of you who've been able to share it with me (including my customers from Wales and Georgia, USA - two new flags on the customer board!), a big thank you.  Some folk (including our Welsh and American friends) enjoyed first-time sightings of Black Grouse, and whilst they were performing their magical lek displays.  One of the best things of my job as a guide is to show such a spectacle (and in a responsible manner), especially if you've never seen or heard it before.  Not that it ever gets old!

Black Grouse cocks on the lek - not a bad shot, even though I say so myself, as it was far away and dark!

It's been all about the birds, of course.  Strong northerly winds brought bands of snow, though an eventual shift to southerly winds finally brought in warblers and hirundines aplenty as they arrived after their long journeys from Africa.  Having said that, over 2,000 Pink-footed Geese have r…