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The Owl and the Hare
No, it’s not a children’s story!  Coming home late one night last week, I’m always on the look out for wildlife - partly for road safety (we have a lot of deer where we are), and partly for interest as to what’s going on at the midnight hour.  All was quiet until a mile from home, when I realised a fence post wasn’t quite right as it came within the swathe of the car’s headlights.  It was a Barn Owl, perched yet stretching its body which made it look thinner than usual.  The coal black eyes studied my now slowed car for a moment before the bird leapt into the air, but instead of flying away it stayed within the periphery of the headlights and flew alongside me for some way.  As I continued on with my ghostly companion just a few feet away, a Brown hare broke the cover of the verge and also ran along just ahead of me for a few yards before diving back into the bracken.
With the Barn Owl remaining alongside, I wondered if it had worked out that the sight, noise and vi…