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Thought for Food

Recently, I was "oot'n'aboot" with a friend who knows a thing or two about nature - well in my mind he pretty much knows everything really, and I always enjoy the wanderings of our conversations.  This time we were in a forest, placing camera traps for checking on various species, and as we headed back to his long-suffering 4x4 (which usually goes places that even the manufacturer would be impressed with) he casually remarked on how quiet the forest was.

At first, I thought he meant with people, but it was birds.  As I'm quite a youngster in birding years, in the time that I've seriously watched and enjoyed our feathered friends I've only really known woodlands and such places to have pockets of bird activity.  Even at the height of the Spring when males call for females (my favourite is the Wood Warbler in terms of power and spectacle), or first broods of Crossbills are already on the wing and 'chipping' their way through the fores…