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Autumnal August

August is a 'funny' month in the Highlands, as the season (technically Summer) yields sights and sounds associated with other times of the year.  Some examples for you...

Sat at Findhorn Bay the other day, the numbers of waders were rapidly increasing (especially Curlew and Redshank, plus lesser numbers of Dunlin) as were Greylag Geese.  The latter breed on the moor not far south of home, and make the journey north around this time...though the last of the group usually make their move on 12 August when the grouse shooting season starts (wise birds).  One of the group of fishing Ospreys came right over my head, en route for his nest with a flounder in its talons.  While I sat scanning the waders for anything interesting, I became aware of a male Yellowhammer was singing its familiar "a little bit of bread and no cheeeeeese" song on the farmland behind me, still hopeful for some summer love.

Male Osprey with a flounder for his family

Also still singing, ne…