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Eilean na h-Iolaire

That's Gaelic for 'Eagle Island'.  You may remember I wrote my last blog as I was sat in a guest house on the Isle of Skye, with great anticipation for what was to follow the next day in a quest to be in the presence of Golden Eagles.  A month on from then, my recollections are hopefully still sharp enough to record the moments and share with you.

First, the weather.  Skye has plenty of it.  As we were sat eating breakfast, the skylines were invisible and the rain was pouring.  My online weather radar showed the rain band clearing South Uist and, with the wind speed and direction, that meant not far away in time.  A glimmer of hope finally shone (literally) as we loaded the car, and went off to meet our guide who had 'worked the patch' to become familiar with the behaviours of an established pair of Golden Eagles. 

To get to where we needed to be - basically in their territory but nowhere near their eyrie locations - involved a wee bit of a climb. …