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Enter The Fall
Despite having lost the odd ‘u’ from certain words and developed various other grammatical mutations during the trip across the Atlantic on the Mayflower and other vessels, our North American cousins did choose a somewhat poetic term for what we call Autumn - namely ‘The Fall’.  I quite like it, and of course it does what it says on the tin especially as I write this looking out at our deciduous trees standing against a breeze.
In birding terms, ‘The Fall’ could be equally applied to the number of birds falling from our skies at the moment as various species continue their migrations ahead of Winter.  Literally thousands (and we’re talking 20,000 plus) Pink-footed Geese are on and around the Findhorn Bay just now having steadily grown in number over the past ten days or so.  Considering how many have already continued south, with many skeins passing over home throughout the day, the number that actually visit us at this time of year are probably nearly double that number.…