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The wait...

As I type this, I'm sat on the Isle of Skye wondering what tomorrow will bring. Right now, the evening is bringing nothing but wind and rain but hey, that's Skye, and it's meant to clear through in the morning. 

So why am I here?  A golden opportunity - literally; a Golden Eagle opportunity to be precise.  At this time of year, established pairs and those attempting courtship can be at their most active as they go through rituals to rekindle or forge new bonds for the breeding season that lies ahead.  

Skydancing males, desperate to impress a female, can be seen above the glens as they try to time their pitch just right versus the outgoing (yet still periodically savage) winter weather and lengthening days.  Too soon, the hen bird might not be interested.  Too late, she might have spied the efforts of another cock bird and deemed him more suitable for her need.  The need to create life.

So tomorrow, hoping we've maximised our chances with the maximum number of …